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Whether you have a few items or a large project, Brady’s Moving & Storage can help! Our team of experts will transfer your belongings safely to the final destination.

We have the knowledge and experience to tailor the moving process to your specific requirements. We’re not only dedicated to giving you a great moving experience, but we’re also happy to be one of Chico’s top moving companies!

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White Glove Delivery

Full-Service White Glove Delivery in Chico

Do you have expensive furniture you need delivered? Maybe you bought an antique chair to add an upper-class touch to your home. Or, perhaps you run a high-end business and ordered furniture to match. Regardless of the situation, you need to make sure your furniture arrives safely — which means investing in white glove delivery services.

At Brady’s Moving & Storage, we proudly provide white glove delivery services that clients throughout Chico trust. We take special care with every item, ensuring it arrives safely, and even take care of assembly and cleanup before we go. Work with us, and worry less about your furniture.

What is White Glove Delivery Service?

When you hear the phrase “white glove,” you probably think about gorgeous galas, fancy suits, and upper-class amenities. Essentially, white glove delivery service is a high-end premium moving, delivery, and assembly service. Unlike many luxury offerings, our white glove delivery service doesn’t necessarily come with a high price tag.

Choosing Brady’s Moving & Storage’s white glove delivery means professional service, outstanding communication, and additional customer care. If your item needs special care during shipping, choose our white glove service.

Why Choose Brady's Moving & Storage For White Glove Delivery?

At Brady’s Moving & Storage, we provide end-to-end white glove delivery services to make your delivery seamless from pick-up to delivery, setup, and cleanup

Extra Careful Handling

Delicate or expensive items require extra care. Your delivery professionals treat your shipment with respect, from transportation to the final setup.

Protective Packaging

Your furniture is worth a fortune. You want to make sure that it reaches your destination without any nicks or scratches. We carefully pack each piece to ensure its safety, and we even remove and dispose of the packaging for you once it arrives.


Furniture assembly can be a hassle, especially if you have large pieces. Your delivery team can assemble your furniture upon arrival, ensuring outstanding results and making your life easier.

Safe Transportation

Transportation can be difficult.. With the wrong delivery team, there’s no guarantee your shipment will remain safe on the journey.

Our white glove delivery service is different. Your delivery professionals carefully clean out the trucks and handle everything with care, ensuring your shipment reaches your place unharmed.

Premium Service

When you choose white glove delivery service, you’ll enjoy regular communication, timely assistance, and professional results — in short, a fantastic delivery experience.

How to Prepare for Your White Glove Delivery Service

You’ve requested white glove delivery service, and now your furniture is on its way. You might be excited about its arrival, but that doesn’t mean you can just sit and wait. You’ll want to tackle a couple of important tasks to make the delivery as smooth as possible.

Before your team arrives, you should:

  • Clear a path. Your delivery team will need a way to bring your furniture inside. If they can’t get around obstacles, they might damage your shipment, no matter how careful they are. Moving other furniture, getting rid of mats, and checking for tripping hazards can ensure your shipment stays safe.
  • Prepare the area. We value your furniture, which means we would want a clean floor to place your furniture on. Clean your building before it arrives to keep it in pristine condition. In addition, you’ll want to cover your floors, walls, or other furniture to protect them.
  • Wait for the team. With so much to do during the day, you likely aren’t thinking about staying for your furniture delivery. However, it’s often necessary for you to stick around. White glove delivery teams handle most of the process, but they’ll still need someone over 18 to let them into your building. Having you around means they can ask additional questions about where you want your furniture placed.

White Glove Storage and Delivery Service from Trustworthy Professionals

At Brady’s Moving & Storage, our goal is to make sure that each client gets the fantastic white glove storage and delivery service they deserve. Our experts offer outstanding levels of care; we’ll handle each item delicately, use premium packing materials, and ensure proper assembly. You’ll get fantastic communication from beginning to end, ensuring that everything goes smoothly.

Do you need to store your furniture in the meantime? We also offer white glove storage; enjoy clean facilities, premium care, and customer service you’ll love.

Contact Our Professionals to Schedule Your White Glove Furniture Delivery Service

When you want to ensure that your new furniture arrives safely, white glove delivery services might be the way to go. With white glove delivery service, you can enjoy attentive assistance from highly-trained professionals.

Worry less about your furniture! At Brady’s Moving & Storage, we’re ready to make the delivery process easier. Request a free estimate if you’re near Chico.

White Glove Delivery
White Glove Delivery

Our white glove delivery services include unpacking, assembly and cleanup to ensure that your furniture arrives safely. Call today for an estimate!

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